Pool:  39.36 MH/s
Shares (Diff 1):  1.40 (38.36%)
Last Block
Pool:  3m (455086)
Network:  51s (455094)
Users:  1
Workers:  1
DGB/BTC:  0.00000108
Please use the latest version of DE10-Nano Live Image! Previous versions may work but they are not optimal and may include some bugs.

Here is DE10-Nano Miner Live image, based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Desktop linux.

It is bundled with:

No installation requred. Just burn the image to a 8 GB or more USB flash drive, boot from this USB flash and you are ready to go!

Please note! This is a deep Alpha version of the image and it can be updated quite often. Please check new version!

How to use

  1. Personal computer should meets Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Desktop requirements
  2. Download ISO image v0.0.5 (4.65 GB size, 4 869 365 760 bytes, MD5 Checksum is  2ef19bc57392ba967c47eba285aaffba)
  3. Burn it to an USB flash drive (8 GB or more) using Rufus 3.5 or newer in DD Image mode

  4. Connect and power on your DE10-Nano device(s) before PC boot,use USB BLASTER II port at DE10-Nano (on the same side with a power socket)
  5. Boot a computer from an USB flash drive, select Try Ubuntu without installing in a GRUB menu during boot
  6. Login using odo user with no password, set your password for better security if required
  7. Edit file /home/odo/start-miner.sh and set your DGB address into STRATUM_USER variable
  8. Edit other variables if required and save the file
  9. Start /home/odo/start-miner.sh
  10. That's it! Your miner is up and running!

Check your pool stats, as well as you can check a miner in a screen sessions.

Now you are using miner in a Live mode from a read-only mounted system. It will require re-configuration after each reboot.

To make your configuration permanent please install Ubuntu from this Image to your PC instead of using it in a Live mode. After installation you will have the same set of software on your HDD and you will be able to make all changes at /home/odo/start-miner.sh permanent and the same after each reboot.

Image will be improved later to use the same USB flash drive for storing all the configuration settings.

Please note!

DE10-Nano is a low hashrate device, for this reason the image is configured to use shared PPLNS pool odo.dgb256.online by default.

In case you want to try your luck at a SOLO pool dgb.solomining.io/odo, please configure it in /home/odo/start-miner.sh script file according to this page.

At SOLO pool it can take days or weeks or months to found a single block with a low hashate device.It depends on an overall network hashrate, difficulty and a luck for sure.

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